Monday, 18 October 2010

A Thousand Smiling Faces

This is my entry to the Observer/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize (go read other, better entries here).

Actually, it's a slight tweak on my entry, but I'll explain why after the story itself.  Click on pages for larger versions.

The results are better than I was hoping in some ways, and worse in others.  But I enjoyed doing it, I figured out how to do some new things, and basically I used it to play with a trial of Manga Studio software (mostly successful).  I did run out of time to do a few things:
  • I wanted to hand-letter it
  • I wanted to blow some panels up and ink them at a larger size
  • I wanted to colour the top tier
And the third one is the thing I've fixed since submitting the entry.  I don't think the colour adds to it artistically, but I always envisaged having that tier in colour, partly because it makes it clearer (hopefully) that the top tier is a set of photos.

Really, I find it impossible to judge how successful this was, but it was fun, and I though I'd archive it here for now.  Any comments welcome.

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